Africa need to phase out Aid to be politically and economically independent


To be politically and economically independent,

The African Union member countries need to do the following.

  • Promote tourism and investment on the continent. To achieve this, they have to say no to AID.
  • Brand and market themselves ( positively) to the world.
  • Phase out all multinational aid.
    • Self-reliance and respect.
    • Control their economies.
  • Phasing out aid will reduce and eliminate corruption.
    • When you spend your own money, you tend to be more accountable.
    • When you spend other people’s money ( aid), you don’t care. You can go to the beach, because you know that next year, more will be coming. It is not rocket-science. It is common sense, my friends!

By phasing out aid gradually in the 5 to 10 year period, countries will have no choice but attracting more funds through promoting tourism, trade and investment.

To attract tourism revenues, they would have to brand and market themselves to the world contracting the negative image that the world has about Africa. That alone would bring in more revenues that the net import of aid in 5 to 10 year period.

Small countries like Rwanda and Botswana have been doing this for years now. Rwanda is phasing out aid in the next 7 years ( 2025). Today, only 15% of their national budget comes from aid. Botswana has already phased aid and are independent. A few other countries are also on the way there. The results speak for themselves.

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Guess which countries are least corrupted in Africa? Hint: Rwanda and Botswana are in the top 3.

It is not rocket science, people. It works.

When Trump said that Africa was a “ shithole”, guess which country responded back without hesitation while others were checking with their donors? Hint: Botswana.

It works, people. It is not rocket science.

The problem is that our leaders are scared to make this move. It is like deciding to move out of your parents’s house when you have been there for 25 years. It can be hard first, but in the end, it always works out, right?

You move out. You start to toughen up. Paying your own rent and bills. Before you know it, life is good. Girlfriend can stay the night. You don’t have to answer to nobody. Life gets better, right?

However, you need planning and strategy ahead of time.

  • Start by getting a job. This is what African leaders need to do. Strategy, planning and execution. Instead of dwelling in identity politics, tribalism, and other nonsense, they need to finalize this plan and sell it to the people.
  • In case of Rwanda, whatever plan is sold to the people before rolling it out. Not everybody gets it first, but when they do, things gets easier. When you have people’s support, you can do great things.
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In a nutsell, our countries need to start being run like public companies; Working on behalf of their shareholders and board members. The time is NOW or NEVER. We cannot afford to lose another 30–50 years of mediocrity.

In 1960’s, the GDP of KENYA was greater than that of South Korea. A half century later, South Korea is light-years away of Kenya. In the history of the world, nobody has developed through aid. Singapore, Taiwan, the UAE, and many other countries did it through by promoting trade, investment, tourism.

We should go back and look at our history to make sure that we do not repeat the same mistake again for another 25 or even 30 years. We have enough people and resources to stand tall on our own feet without anybody lecturing us what to do, when to do it, and how to do it and why.

Educating, skills training and making sure that our people are equipped to produce goods and services that the continent needs and exchange those good and services with one another. We would be untouchable and a great economic bloc.

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In 2018, our countries still import tooth picks and toilet paper from China. Really?

Ghana Imports Tooth-Picks Worth Ghc18 Million From China – AGI Reveals

All these monies should have been getting used to create jobs, industries, and paying taxes for our governments. In the end, we choose to go the easy route.

We need to start thinking ahead and longterm. Not surviving day by day.

Meanwhile, youth unemployment is through the roof between 30–50% in many countries. Why?

In 2018, our hotels still import food ( meat, vegetables) produce from Europe.

Why should we still import meat from Europe? The revenues from these industries would create jobs, increase GDPs, and taxes.

I can talk about the Cocoa industry in Ivory Coast and elsewhere in other sectors of the economy, but the stories are all similar.

Without further due, this is my 2 cents about what we ought to do.


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