BBI: Tanzanian minister gets standing ovation for moving speech against tribal politics


– Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli sent his Foreign Affairs minister to represent him during launch of the BBI report.

– Palamagamba Kabudi came prepared to address Kenyans on one key issue affecting the nation; tribalism.

– When he was given the opportunity to speak, he did not mince his words, the Tanzania official lectured Kenyans on tribalism which he said was a major hindrance to economic development.

Tanzania Foreign Affairs Minister Palamagamba Kabudi has lectured Kenyans against tribalism and national unity during launch of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report. Palamagamba spent over 10 minutes addressing Kenyans and urging them to shun tribal politics to achieve development and economic growth in the country.

Speaking at Bomas of Kenya on Wednesday, November 27, the minister acknowledged Kenya was far much advanced in terms of development and entrepreneurship but tribalism was still a major challenge that needed to be addressed.

“Kenya is a great country no doubt, Kenya is endowed with dynamic people, innovators, people filled with talents and entrepreneurs. How can such great people allow themselves to be dominated by tribalism?” he posed.

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He urged Kenyans to emulate Tanzanians in their unity code for them to grow economically and achieve equity in resource distribution.

“We share tribes (in Tanzania) like Taita, Luo, Kamba, Digo, Maasai, Kuria but we don’t fan tribalism.We are Tanzanians first and not this or that tribe. Kenya is one and all Kenyans can be united if you shun tribalism,” he said.

The visitor held that national cohesion in Kenya should be a priority and hailed ODM leader Raila Odinga for reaching out to President Uhuru Kenyatta in the March 2017 handshake unity which lead to the BBI.

Palamagamba, however, was cautious with his speech saying it should not be interpreted as interfering with internal affairs of Kenya but rather supporting the country and East Africa unity.

“We will not interfere in your internal affairs but if we see what you are doing is perilous to East Africa’s development, we will say it aloud- stop it,” he added.

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The audience which was all along seated during the relatively long speech as compared to the others gave a standing ovation to the minister in acknowledgement of his touching address.


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