• The Auditor General audit report shows NIB failed to adhere to procurement rules, cooked financial books, undertook ghost projects and inflated costs. Missing funds cover three financial years.

• The 10,000-acre Sh7.3 billion Galana-Kulalu irrigation scheme launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta in January 2014 was to produce 20 million bags of maize but only 103,000 bags have been produced since commissioning.

• The NIB leased 20,000 acres for five years but only 10,000 acres have been used. The board failed to explain why it leased twice as many acres as required.

• NIB leased land from the Agricultural Development Corporation at an inflated cost of Sh3,000 per acre per month, while a private developer paid ADC Sh200-300 per acre for the same land.

• The Board spent Sh3.6 billion for the five-year lease, a deal that could cost taxpayers Sh360 million.

• The project is financed by a Sh7 billion loan from the Bank Leumi of Israel The auditor says the loan terms are unfavourable since interest will be reviewed from time to time, depending on economic conditions meaning you and your future generations will be paying the stolen funds for a long time.

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• 21 irrigation projects initiated in 2012 for Sh880 million have stalled — now NIB wants an extra Sh15 billion to complete them.

• The NIB has equally failed to explain how it used Sh3.6 billion in the Mwea Irrigation and Settlement Scheme, Bura, Tana, Perkerra, Ahero, West Kano, Miad Centre, Bunyala and the Mwea Irrigation Development Project in 2015-2016.

• The board members’ expenses shot up by 740 per cent from Sh3.4 million to Sh25 million in one year. Board members’ expenses balance of Sh22,650,506 is understated by Sh6,014,845, being expenses of the Board not posted to the account,”

• On the Sh20 billion Thiba dam, launched by Uhuru on November 23, 2017, in Kirinyaga County to double the current 80,000 tonnes rice production to 160,000 tonnes annually the board failed to account for Sh375 million compensation to landowners for dam construction. It cannot provide details on persons compensated, rates of compensation and acreage acquired.

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• Dalicent Limited was paid Sh224 million for Ndunga Magongoni Irrigation Scheme Phase 2 but NIB failed to provide documentation. The same company was paid another Sh199 million to construct the first phase before the project was completed. The project was not in the annual procurement plan. No feasibility study was carried out. The project was not operating when the auditor visited.

• The board failed to explain why they paid an extra Sh10 million for the Great Bura Irrigation project feasibility study, despite agreeing on Sh167 million.

• Dido and Sons Limited was paid Sh109 million before completing the Oldonyiro Irrigation Scheme Development in Isiolo county. No feasibility study was done. The project had a price variation of Sh15 million, contrary to procurement law.

• The same contractor was allowed to build Oldonyiro Irrigation Scheme Development-Phase 2 for Sh224 million in 2015.

• “Payment of Sh40 million was not supported with any certificate of work done. The project is yet to be completed,” the auditor said.

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• A company described as having a bad record was paid Sh7 billion to construct Bura Irrigation Project Phase 1 before it was completed. There was no feasibility study or completion date.


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