Boy commits suicide over pressure to repeat Class 8


A boy who scored 324 marks in this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam committed suicide after his mother asked him to repeat Standard Eight.
Vincent Omwenga, 14, hanged himself in his parents’ bedroom in Ngonyek village, Cherangany sub-county, on Monday.
Area chief Benjamin Bengat said Omwenga and his mother, Alice Keuyu, had been at Sibanga market earlier on.

On their way back home, Omwenga’s mother asked him to consider repeating the class to better his grades, the chief said.

The boy rejected the idea.
“It was while the two walked home from the market that they differed when the mother asked the boy to repeat and when they were preparing supper Omwenga secretly walked to the bedroom and hanged himself,’’ the chief told a local daily.

Trans-Nzoia County Commander Ali Ayub confirmed the incident and said investigations had been launched.
“The body had no physically injuries but the rope was round his neck when officers went to remove it,’’ said Ayub.

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In a related incident, a couple fought over the performance of their daughter in Kiminini sub-county.
The girl who scored 280 marks was insulted by her father.

“You are so stupid. There was no need for you to spend over eight years in school only to get poor marks”.
Angered by the insults, the girl’s mother confronted her husband demanding answers why he was condemning the daughter.
It was during the argument that the couple went for each other’s neck before neighbours intervened.

A local counsellor, Raphael Eyanai, cautioned parents against discouraging their children when they failed to achieve their expectations.


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