BREAKING NEWS: Police in Hunt for Suspicious Men Spotted in Eldoret Loading A Car with Weapons


A group of men were today spotted loading a small saloon car with suspicious items.

With heightened anxiety in most parts of the country following the shambolic nature of the party primaries across the political divides, Kenyans have become vigilant now more than ever.

Today, curious residents of Uasin Gishu county witnessed a group of men loading a vehicle with sticks, which resemble those used in jembes or hoes for digging.

The men were seen stuffing the boot of a small Toyota Corolla 110.

Photos of the vehicle and its occupants were quickly shared with the press and the police, who are now on a wild hunt for the men.

When the men realized people were taking photos of them, they quickly walked away from the vehicle and hid their faces away from the onlookers who had gathered to find out what they were doing.

The destination and names of the vehicle’s occupants have not been established, but it is believed that they are to be delivered to an unnamed recipient who according to an informant is ‘well connected’.

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Police have disseminated the photos of the men and the vehicle across their stations and urge the public to share any information they may have regarding the vehicle and the suspects to the nearest police station.

With the party primaries rescheduled to start tomorrow Monday 24th up to Wednesday 25th April 2017, all security operations are on high alert and notice over any security related concerns.

More to follow.


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