“Captain was drunk” – Report on Lake Nakuru crash


Transport CS James Macharia on Wednesday, November 20, released a report on the investigation of a helicopter crash that happened in Lake Nakuru on October 21, 2017, at 6.37 am, killing all its occupants.

The pilot who flew the ill-fated helicopter that crashed into Lake Nakuru while carrying Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika’s communication team was drunk.

The report on the crash on October 21, 2017 says the aircraft “collided with the water surface due to loss of situation awareness by the pilot, who was under the influence of alcohol as depicted from the toxicology results”.

“The pilot, Captain Apollo Malowa failed to recognise the loss of altitude, excessive banking to the left and obstacle proximity from the aircraft,” added the report.

It has been two years since the chopper plunged into the lake, killing five people on board. The bodies of Captain Malowa, Ms Veronicah Muthoni and Mr Anthony Kipyegon were retrieved after 25 days while those of Mr Sam Gitau and Mr John Mapozi – both part of Ms Kihika’s communication team – were never found.

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The search for two other bodies was, however, unsuccessful even after the search was extended for several days later. The search mission gathered momentum after the accident but was abandoned about three months later.


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