City lawyer STEVE OGOLLA conned Sh500K by ‘unknown’ Facebook fiancee DORCAS SARKOZY


Renowned Nairobi lawyer Steve ogolla has revealed how he was conned more than Sh500K by a dangerous online swindler who goes by the pseudo name DORCAS SARKOZY.

According to Mr. Ogolla, he met his love Dorcas on Facebook and fell in love with her photos and started engaging ‘her’.

After ‘dating’ for some time, two went ahead and started to plan for a grand wedding.

Reliable sources have told Kenya-today team that Mr. Ogolla being the romantic Luo he is, started showering ‘his fiancee’ with gifts which included Jumbo sums of money.

Sources have also revealed to us that Mr. Steve started doubting his fiancee Dorcas when she hesitated whenever he wanted to meet her. In fact, Steve says the lady requested him to keep their private and she never wanted Steve to mention it even to his close friends and relatives.

She always cautioned him against publishing their ‘relationship’ in Social Media for reasons known to herself. Whenever Mr. Ogolla mentioned their relationship on Facebook, she immediately took him head on and instructed him to pull it down.

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At one time Steve composed a powerful poem for her and publishe it on his social Facebook timeline (it was also published in this blog but the lady ordered him to pull it down from both platforms, something that prompted him to start doubting her.

This is the short poem:

Let it be known to you:

That you are the best, above the rest.
The finest among the fairest.

A true daughter of your mother.
And a perfect scion of your father.

You are not just close to my heart.
You are at the inner centre.

Your love is magical and magnetic.
Truly, beyond you, there can be no other.

I love you with all my strength.
And to the last breath.

Grace and Blessings.
Happiness and gladness.
To you, and to us.

After spending a fortune on her, the lady decided to disappear and blocked him all communication channels.

Steve revealed yesterday that the lady conned him in excess of not less than Sh500K in cash, excluding the gifts.

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It all started after former Raila Odinga personal Assistant Silas Jakakimba took it to his Facebook wall to ask if anyone knew DORKAS SARKOZY. That is when Lawyer Steve Ogolla opened upand narrated his ordeal.

As a result, Kenyans from every nook and cranny took issue with her and opened up by turning her upside down. Some explained how she conned them while others gave thhe experience of how their friends were swindled by Dorcas.

Facebook Investigators have however alleged that Dorcas is not a woman, but a man who hides under a pen name to pilory and con his victims.

Although a few sympathizers came out openly to defend her, no one confesses to have met ‘her’ in real life.

They only praised her prowess in writing intellectual stuff although others claimed are the works of an American based Kisii man who lives and works in the US. They said the Kisii boy whose name we choose not to mention her, is the one who forwards her the materials that she posts on her timeline.

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Others said the beautiful photos she posts as hers on her profile belong to another woman.


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