Coast TANGATANGA MPs Response to Governor Joho statement




We read with subtle amusement a statement by the self-styled, slay and dancing Sultan, Hassan Ali Joho whose myopism and dwarfing ignorance has led him to a belief that he is the kingpin of the Coast region, vomit his characteristic innuendos and bravado at the rise of the Hustler Power in the Coast Region signaled and evidenced by the Hustlers victory in the just concluded Msambweni by elections and the winds of change sweeping across the region and indeed Kenya.

At the onset, let us state that while appreciating the need to respond to the pseudo Sultan for the purpose of record, we are conscious of the contest that the pseudo Sultan is trying to frame or invite. The overrated pseudo Sultan has since the handshake tried with no success to invite or frame a contest between himself and Deputy President William Ruto to try and resuscitate his fading political profile while diverting attention from his dismal performance as Governor of Mombasa.

The pseudo Sultan’s political life feeds on venom, false bravado, vanity and a mythical praise bridled with cow-type-followership of Raila Odinga. While President Uhuru Kenyatta got in a dog-fight desired by Joho which diverted attention from his underperformance, mediocrity, ineptitude, corruption and mismanagement, the Hustler Nation cognisant of Joho’s subdued political and intellectual reach has never granted this paper tiger taking cover behind a fading Raila Odinga and a decomposing ODM the benefit of such a response.
For the record, the over one decade political dominance of ODM in the Coast region has been the most disastrous and catastrophic era for the region in independent Kenya. ODM sunk a region struggling to emerge from the yoke of marginalisation into the abyss of mediocrity, bad governance and poor leadership largely witnessed by the election of the types of Hassan Joho. Raila’s greed for money saw the types of Joho buy their way to leadership while offering protection to their businesses which are in public knowledge.

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Raila Odinga has over the years transacted with the faith and support that the good-meaning citizens of the Coast region accorded him. The Mandela-wannabe has sold political support to the likes of Joho and corporately attempted to sell the region to Uhuru Kenyatta through the Handshake. By the Almighty’s grace, the region has woken up to the conmanship of this political merchant and our region’s march in earnest began with the Msambweni conquest. Never again shall we allow the ODM charade of hallucination to Canaan and the vitendawilis that are the only policies we remember of its leader, reign over the soul of our politics and our future.

The Deputy President William Ruto rise in popularity in the Coast region stems largely from a myriad of development programmes the DP launched during Jubilee’s first term in office. Jubilee’s second term characterised largely by the Handshake between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga scuttled the development agenda at the altar of BBI. What Joho is seeing is the coming to fruition of projects largely launched during Jubilee’s first term by the Deputy President William Ruto. A genuine class experience would have assisted Joho appreciate such simple and naked facts.

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The BBI is not a solution to the region’s or Kenya’s ensuing challenges. Joho in a bid to cling to the BBI to prolong his lackluster political career is relying on the BBI to create positions for his occupation. Contrary to his assertions that the BBI guarantees more revenue to counties the proposed article 203 actually pegged revenue to population occasioning eternal loss to marginalised counties which a majority of Coast counties fall in this category.

Finally, the people of the Coast region have the unparalleled democratic right to overhaul their associations. The ODM chose the path of scavenging for the spoils of government becoming probably one of the few opposition parties to fail spectacularly and disastrously in its mandate as an opposition in the global democratic sphere. What a shame, what a catastrophy for any opposition to fail to be the voice of the people.

While ODM mortgaged the role of an effective opposition, Joho in cahoots presided over the destruction and demise of the Coast economy through the shift of Port and Maritime logistics to Nairobi and Naivasha.

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Never again should this pseudo Sultan and ODM lecture us on public interest or unity of the Coast region. The Hustler Nation is sweeping the hearts and minds of the people of the region and it is for them to determine how they wish to express their popular will, either through a Party or in coalition with other parties.

The time for the Joho types, ODM and it pseudo Moses is up! It’s time for the Hustler Nation.

Mohamed Ali
MP, Nyali

Aisha Jumwa
MP, Malindi

Khatib Mwashetani
MP, Lunga Lunga

Benjamin Tayari
MP, Kinango

Owen Baya
MP, Kilifi North

Paul Katana
MP, Kaloleni

Ali Wario
MP, Bura

Shariff Athman
MP, Lamu East

Haika Mizighi
Women Rep, Taita Taveta

Rehema Hassan
Women Rep, Tana River

Feisal Bader
MP, Msambweni

Hassan Omar Hassan
Former Senator, Mombasa



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