Corruption allegations rocks KMTC Board


An anonymous staff member at the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) has written to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the institution’s board Chairman and several directors in yet another move that raises questions on the management of the country’s top nursing school.

In a letter addressed to the Chairman EACC —and seen by the Kenyan Online, the employee has catalogued various cases of corruption that he claims the institution’s board members are committing. The letter heavily indicts the Chairman and one other board member a Mr. Gerald Mithamo Muchiri.

Mr. Mithamo Muchiri – Director KMTC

Staff recruitment and promotion, and the handling of college and staff welfare finances are some of the areas the union say are most riddled with corruption. College principals are the biggest victims of the board high handedness and corruption. The letter alleges that Mr. Muchiri who chairs the Human resource committee of the board receives between 60,000 – 100,000 Kenya shillings per principal for promotion and retention at lucrative campuses. The loot is then shared between mr. Muchiri and the chairman prof. Kaloki.

Mr. Muchiri is also mention in collecting bribes from members of staff and lecturers who wished to be promoted internally and jump a few job groups. Some MPESA messages were attached to the letter confirming the same.

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The Chairman Prof. Philip Kaloki is accused of nepotism and siphoning of public funds. He is accused of hiring of his second wife and mother of his two children Dr. Miriam Muthoka Corporation Secretary of the KMTC. He annexed copies of the birth certificates of Dr. Muthoka kids. He says Dr. Mirriam Muthoka is more powerful than the CEO and has completely over shadowed the two deputy directors of the KMTC. Her office is said to be bigger and more elegant than that of the CEO and she literally runs the management of KMTC and protected by the Chairman.

KMTC Coporation Secretary Dr. Mirriam Muthoka (right) in blue.

The Chairman is also accused of favouring his home area and building more campus there. He is accused of giving KMTC Makindu campus in his home county two (2) buses and a double cabin vehicle where there are some campuses that do not have buses. He says the Chairman and mr. Muchiri are all over the country handing over buses to campus and drawing per diems in what is clearly the work of the management. He claims the chairman and Mr. Muchiri behaves as if they’re full time employees of the KMTC.

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KMTC Board Chairman Prof. Phillip Kaloki

Prof. Kaloki is also accused of hiring his friend’s wife as the Corporate Communication manager mrs. Marcellah Eucabeth whose husband is the former Makueni county speaker. Mrs Marcellah husband is always with the chairman in many official visits to KMTC campus and always addresses KMTC staff in meetings yet he is a stranger in the institution.

Mrs. Mercellah husband with prof. Kaloki
Mrs. Marcellah’s husband attending KMTC functions and he is not a staff of KMTC

The Chairman is also said to have allocated himself two vehicles. One Toyota Prado KCE 333D which runs his personal errands and is always parked at his home and another Toyota Prado KCP 327K which he uses daily including in his political activities.

Prof. Kaloki is also accused of replacing principles in campuses with huge infrastructural project with his cronies. He has serious interest in Nairobi Campuses, Taveta Campus, Bomet Campus, Embu Campus, Eldoret Campus and Mombasa Campus. All these campuses have projects worth millions and the board are influencing the tendering process.

Early this year, the board chairman called several board members to an impromptu meeting with the student leadership to avert a looming strike where there students are said to have had enough with the behaviour of some board members. The student leaders were facilitated handsomely and called off the strike.  However, there is tension in the main campus.

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The employee claims that the board is undertaking the work of the management and drawing huge per diems in the processes at the expense of the institution.  Most of the things they run around doing is the work of the management.

KMTC presently has 68 campuses across the country from only 28 seven years ago as a strategy to bridge the healthcare worker deficit in the country as a result of a steady increase in population. KMTC offers 18 programmes in medicine and health. In addition, new post-graduate programmes in nephrology, anaesthesia, trauma medicine and several others were introduced to address emerging and re-emerging diseases.

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is facing an admissions crisis following low levels of students applying for various courses at its campuses spread across the country. The crisis, however, comes as the institution continues with the expansion spree. KMTC is also facing competition from universities and other colleges offering medical courses, which have also been expanding to all parts of the country.



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