DP Ruto steals BBI thunder with Hustler Nation


From the onset, you could tell the the BBI crowd were carefully selected to reflect a certain political grouping. From speaker to speaker, they were all heaping praises for the BBI report document.

The boom! The Deputy President hijacked the programme and spoke for all hustlers that the organizers had blocked from addressing the BBI. It is after the DP started asking the difficult questions that the whole charade has unfolded. The likes of Millie Odhiambo could no longer take it – Ruto had upstaged them.

The problem with BBI brigade is that they underrate Ruto always; He basically undid all the pretense; That everything is great, BBI is about uniting Kenyans and all that. Their bad behaviour of intolerance came out. They were preaching water and drinking wine.

The biggest thing today was Ruto stealing the thunder with Hustler Nation. They thought BBI would be the main thing at this point of time but the shadow of Hustler Nation was present long before Ruto spoke.  Kenyans have woken up – BBI is only an issues for Uhuru and Raila – and maybe the top leaders angling for position.

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Ruto demolish BBI in few seconds. He pointed out the retrogressive sections like the one for Judiciary Ombudsman and the police Council nonsense that want to bring imperial Presidents.

Kenyans all along have been wanting a constitution that protect them from a powerful and rogue president. Not give the President the legal muscle to go completely rogue.


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