Eric Omondi Sired Baby With Jacque Maribe Before Abandoning Her


It has been a well kept secret about who exactly fathered TV girl Jacque Maribe’s four year old son, until now.

According to the Nairobian, comedian Eric Omondi sired a beautiful baby boy with Ms Maribe who has spent the better part of the week behind bars after she was linked to the brutal murder of Monica Kimani.

Ms Kimani, a young ambitious woman was found dead in her Kilimani Apartment and the last person seen with her was Maribe’s fiance of three months Joe Irungu alias Jowie.

Fellow comedians say that “the paternity it is an open secret” but Omondi who after finding out that his then girlfriend was expectant, bailed out on her.

Close friends intimated to the Nairobian that Omondi has been footing child support bills since 2014.

When asked about his supposed son, Omondi said that he knows the child’s father but did not want to talk about the issue as Jacque is going through a “difficult time.”

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It is also true that the Maribe’s were not quite fond of Jowie who some of his friends have described as “creepy”.

Her father Pastor Mwangi Maribe is said to have asked the murder suspect about dowry payment all in a bid to gauge his seriousness. Jowie’s response was a simple “nitajipanga.

Maribe’s family is said to have described the party animal as one that is “boastful, manipulative, controlling and with anger issues.”

So little is known about the 28 year old murder suspect who has maintained his innocence but is apparently very good with a gun.

On the night he allegedly took Kimani’s life, he picked a fight with his fiancee who Kahawa Tunguunderstands he met at a night club and a love blossomed.

Many have questioned why and how a “smart, ambitious” woman like Maribe would have fallen for a man like Jowie. But her friends say that she has had a string of lovers, so many that after the comedian left, she immediately moved on with another man in Nairobi’s Mountain View estate but later dumped him for being too “emotionally needy.”

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Reports also indicate that she could be pregnant for the “bouncer” but according to her statement she was drunk the night Jowie killed Kimani in cold blood.

She will be arraigned in court on Thursday and so will Brian Kasaine, a businessman whose gun Jowie used to shoot himself.


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