Former South Sudanese Chief Of Staff General Malong Speaks Out After ‘Profiteers’ Documentary


Former general chief of staff Paul Malong has denied all allegations from the documentary from Africa Uncensored The Profiteers about his wealth and sanctions against him.

He described himself as being a humble family man who was not as wealthy as speculated.  Malong said that he did not profit from any position while in government. He clarified that Northern Bar El Ghazaal was not an oil producing state and therefore he could not have befitted from the oil as the governor of the state.

The former chief of general staff under Salva Kiir’s government said that he did not commit the atrocities as alleged in the documentary stating that he was receiving instructions from the the commander in chief and if he had done anything he would have been arrested.

General Malong denied any atrocities by his men saying that the rape claims were false. He said that the UN were missing the point by sanctioning him as he was just following orders. He supported the decision by Salva Kiir saying that he had pressure under his neck and e therefore lacked options.

Malong said that he was disappointed in Sava Kiir who accused him of asking President Uhuru and president Museveni to support him to overthrow him claims which he denied saying that Salva Kiir was aware of his meetings with this presidents.

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The man who appeared in a video swimming in money Lual Malong Yor Junior in the interview by Jeff Koinange said that General Paul Malong was not his father. He said that the people who call him a step son of General Malong were abusing him.

Lual Malong Yor Junior Yor said that he made his money through the Lord Jesus Christ but refused to say the sources of his wealth. He said that he wanted to be famous and had his reasons for wanting to be in the limelight.

General Paul Malong was adversely mentioned in the documentary by Kenyan investigative journalist  John Allan Namu, He was accused of looting,rape and death during the period tha he was the Chief of staff. He is also accused of having inexplicable wealth in Kenya and Uganda and various foreign accounts


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