Gideon Moi trying to mess up Uhuru and Ruto unity BEFORE 2017


Senator Njoroge, a former KANU insider, is being paid by Gideon Moi to mess up Uhuru and Ruto unity and the Kikuyu and Kalenjin Unity!

Gideon Moi is desperate to remain politically relevant after 2017, but he cannot achieve that if he has no homegrown Kalenjin following. His aim therefore is to spook Kalenjins to defect to KANU since URP is getting dissolved into Jubilee, the narrative being that ‘there is no guarantee that Kikuyus will back Ruto in 2022 even if you are in Jubilee’, and there is no safer home than a homegrown party…just in case.

It is a politically smart move, but also very risky if only because 2017 is still a way off, and also because Uhuru and Ruto are not reacting in the expected manner by responding with high handedness to Njoroge and even Kabogo. Kabogo has an axe to grind with Uhuru for ‘not saving’ the Kiambu Governor’s seat for him, and instead has left Waititu the pit bull to constantly snap at his heels.

The unexpectedly harsh backlash by Kikuyus especially those in the Rift Valley caught Njoroge offguard…that was not in the script. As it is and even more, Kalenjin KANU MPs plus the Governor from Pokot defected from KANU itself and moved to Jubilee, meaning that as Gideon strives to break up UhuRuto, his own house is on fire.

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The timing of Gideon’s move is also wrong as throngs of ODM defectors mill outside the Jubilee gates, raising the question as to why Kalenjins would defect from a party where members from other communities other than Kikuyu and Kalenjin are keen to join. These new members are potential allies when Ruto makes his presidential bid, and are the backup plan for Ruto IF Kikuyus start thinking like Njoroge and Kabogo.

Quite frankly, one has to tip his hat to Ruto for always thinking and planning ahead.

Rift Valley is the most populous and most cosmopolitan region in Kenya, and the reason why it is much better for Rift V communities to be in one political house where each community feels they have a stake, and where differences can be sorted out in-house rather than outside with pangas, arrows and rungus. Having antagonistic political parties competing for power in RV is just a recipe for trouble…big trouble. The ex-KANU Moi supporting Kalenjin leaders who oppose Ruto like Gideon, Salat and Zakayo Cheruiyot just want a return to the Moi era looting hence their hatred of Ruto and Uhuru.

Uhuru and Ruto have done very well thus far in dealing with and managing the competing Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Luhya, Maasai, Kisii and Kamba centrifugal political forces that are in Rift Valley. Managing those forces is key to having peace in Kenya. Jubilee is the right party to do


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