Governor Okoth Obado Rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital


Migori Governor Okoth Obado spent the night in Kenyatta National Hospital in what is believed to be a strong bout of Malaria after having slept without mosquito nets in the prison cells.

According to prison sources, the governor was rushed to the hospital in a private car so as not to raise curiosity and is admitted in Ward 10 in the private wing of the referral hospital.

We are told by medical sources that the governor is responding well to treatment and might be back to his feet soon.

The governor is charged with the murder of Sharon Otieno and his plea for bail is set to be decided soon as investigations in to the alleged offence continues.

According to Industrial Area Prison sources, the governor is so determined to live the life of common remandees who doesn’t enjoy much privileges apart from being allowed to use own clothes. Only those who have been convicted are given prison uniform.


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