Here are some unknown facts about China


There are many things that a lot of people don’t know about China.

  • Chinese women usually keep their last name/family name once getting married. They don’t usually take their new spouse’s name. Many children also choose to take on their mothers family name rather than father’s.
  • China has 0 tolerance for drugs. It’s guaranteed jail time and even death penalty depending on the specific drug crime. Even foreigners accidentally trying to bring illegal drugs is will receive a life time ban, and jail time before deported.
  • China is famous for hundreds and hundreds of inventions including (just to name some): Paper, Mechanical Clock, Tea, Gunpowder, Compass, Alcohol, Silk, Umbrella, Kites, Toothbrush, Acupuncture, Iron Smelting, Bronze, Flares, Rockets, Porcelain, Earthquake Detectors, Toilet Paper, Mahjong and Go Board Games, Playing Cards, Seed Drill, Paper money, Jadeworking, Parachutes, Fired Bricks, Rice Cultivation, Fire arrows, Soy Sauce, Sunglasses, Soybean Cultivation, Fishing Reel, Insense, Animal Zodiac, Artillery, Banknotes, Bellows, Crossbows, Dominoes, Hukou System, Hot Pot.
  • Generally 85% of all household items are labeled ‘Made In China’. This makes China have a global influence, whether you realize it or not.

  • China is the fastest growing country in the world. Because of that, it has the largest growing, and fastest expansion in real estate. It doesn’t take long for China construction companies to create houses, apartments, and other buildings, even whole cities in a matter of months or just a few years. The downside is that these buildings are made very cheap, and take’s a long time to get people to move into.
  • China now has insurance called ‘helper insurance’. In past, Chinese never helped others in need. People would get hit by cars/buses and be left there as thousands walked by. People would fall and break ankles and thousands would walk by. This is because of the amount of scams people do. If you helped them up after they fell, they would say you were cause of it, even if you came only later to help. Then you’d be stuck paying their medical bills and possibly living expenses for a while. Now you can get insurance for this, so now you can help people and your insurance will rescue you if that person tries to sue you for helping them.
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  • China has the largest % of women in the workforce. However, China overall has too many men compared to women. There are tens of millions of Men in China that can never get married because there aren’t enough women.
  • China makes more millionaires each year than any other country in the whole world combined. Not only that, China has more current women billionaires then anywhere else in the world combined.
  • Foreigners can own land, property, businesses in China. It’s not that hard to open a business in China as a foreigner. There is a process for it, and it doesn’t require marriage. (sure marriage makes things easier). There is always ways to purchase rural land if you know someone in the government to get you a Hukou.

  • Numbers in China each represent different things. The number 4 for instance sounds like the word for ‘Death’. Which is a very unlucky number. Try to avoid this, including giving gifts in 4’s. The number 8 however is very lucky as it sounds like the word ‘to Prosper’. Giving 8’s is great in China.
  • China also has superstitions and traditional beliefs dating back a long time. Here are some: Wear a green hat. (戴绿帽子 or dài lǜ mào zǐ) is an expression that Chinese use when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend because the phrase sounds similar to the word for cuckold. So don’t wear a green hat. Give a clock or watch as a gift. The phrase giving a clock (送钟 sòng zhōng /song jong/) sounds exactly like the Chinese words for ‘attending a funeral ritual’ (送终 sòng zhōng) and thus it is bad luck to gift clocks or watches. Give an umbrella or fan as a gift. It is undesirable to give someone a fan or an umbrella as a gift. The words fan “shàn” (扇) and umbrella “sǎn” (simplified Chinese: 伞; traditional Chinese: 傘) sound like the word “sǎn” (散), meaning to scatter, or to part company. So if you want a friendship or marriage to end, to split up, then you would give an umbrella.
  • All of the world’s panda’s are in China. Except for the ones that China ‘lends’ out to other countries temporarily. China is the official panda bear home.
  • During the time of the 1-child policy in China, many families had additional kids more than the limit. These kids would be unregistered for most their life until later. Or families could pay a fee as well. Now the limit is 2-child with the new policy. (2015 changes).
  • China has the largest pork consumption of any country. They also home more pigs than any country. About 1.8 million pigs are eaten daily in China. That’s a lot of oink.
  • China is probably the most naturally beautiful country in the world.


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