History of the area between Londiani and Muhoroni


Via Levin Opiyo

In early 1900s, the colonial government in Kenya recorded the area between Londiani in Kericho County and Muhoroni in Kisumu as unoccupied.

Because it was favourable for farming, a promise was made to a European settler that he would be granted leases numbers LR 3977, 3978 and 3979 at Muhoroni now in Kisumu County.

However, because of a misunderstanding between the Provincial Commissioner and the Land Office, this area was included in the Lumbwa/Kipsigis/Kipsikis reserve in the proclamation of 1909, which gave the Kipsigis settlement rights.

Upon realising the mistake,the Local administrative officers translocated the Kipsigis who had already started setting up settlements, and declared the area free of natives.

This paved the way for what was known as ‘Londiani allotment’ , embracing a large group of white farms between Londiani and Muhoroni in 1911.

The farms were again transferred to the Lumbwa/ Kipsigis/Kipsikis reserve under the 1926 proclamation, and all the rents derived therefrom credit to the Kipsigis native funds.

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In 1953, the Kipsigis sent a memorandum to the East African Royal Commission claiming land as far as River Nyando in Kisumu.


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