How Sharon Otieno Murder was plot; Governor Obado’s Link


The plot continues to thicken for Migori governor Okoth Obado with police having compiled overwhelming evidence linking him to the savage killing of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno. It is claimed Obado used close associates including members of his family to plot the murder. Meetings were held on how to finance and execute the entire plot hatched.

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It is alleged that the governor’s wife Hellen was privy to the plot. Surprisingly, the whole scheme was done within Migori. What has betrayed Obado is that he involved amateurs to execute the plot and being his associates benefiting from his county government and out to endear themselves to the governor and his wife not much money was used which was his undoing, it is claimed.

The executioners allegedly were the governor’s watu wa mkono or errand boys. It is also alleged that the governor may have been under pressure from the family to have Sharon abort and her refusal cost her life. This is after it emerged, Obado had a sex relationship with his sister- in-law Rhoda Nyakawa, an employee of the county whom he bought a house at Nyasare Estate in Migori town. Rhoda’s pregnancy is said to have been terminated after Hellen raised issues. Hellen was bitter that after Nyakawa saga that was well known, another pregnancy ghost came haunting.

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Obado was grilled for hours by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations after he reported there at 10am.

At the heart of the prosecution case is the evidence of two taxi drivers who have, according to highly placed sources, linked the governor to the chilling killing of the 26-year-old woman who was carrying his child.

As the detectives narrow down on the masterminds of the savage killing, the two taxi drivers have reportedly laid bare how the savage act was committed.

Their disclosure came in the wake of Obado’s futile attempt to have opposition leader Raila Odinga and his wife Ida intervene to stop the police from charging him or his wife with murder.

Highly placed sources revealed that Obado pleaded with Raila to talk to Uhuru Kenyatta, in the spirit of the March 9 handshake, for the head of state to stop police from pursuing him and his wife over the killing. However, the former premier is said to have told the governor to carry his own cross, insisting he cannot interfere with a criminal case, more so one involving loss of life.

The governor became a person of interest to the police after it emerged that Sharon was carrying his baby. According to DNA tests, the baby boy ripped from Sharon’s womb was Obado’s, thus putting the Migori governor at the heart of investigations into the abduction and killing of the university student. His wife, Hellen has also been summoned by the DCI to record a statement regarding the murder.

According to the unverified reports, the first taxi driver, who has been probed by the DCI, claims that on the night Sharon was killed, he picked a bald-headed client in Kisii and drove him to Oyugis. The man gave him money and then instructed him to wait for him in the town.

The second taxi driver, who has also been probed by the DCI, says that at around 9pm on the day of Sharon’s murder, he picked tall and bald headed man from Oyugis and drove him to Kodera Forest. He claims that he remembers parking his car next to a KCL Toyota Fielder near the forest.
He remembers seeing a pregnant woman in the middle of a group of men. The second taxi driver narrated how the bald man, who seemed agitated, slapped her several times.

The taxi driver allegedly panicked and tried to reverse his car but was stopped by one of the men. He later dropped the man at Oyugis. The guard to Obado, Calvins Omondi and Caspar Obiero, a personal assistant, it is alleged, played a role in the murder. Omondi became the fifth suspect held over the murder of Sharon.
Obiero was detained after police impounded a car associated with him but registered in the name of his wife who is close to Hellen. The car was used to kidnap Sharon and Nation journalist Barack Oduor from Rongo town.

Jack Gombe, the driver of the vehicle – a dark Toyota Fielder – was arrested and arraigned in Oyugis. He was also detained for 10 days to allow police to complete investigations.He is likely to be a state witness in the case. Other suspects in police custody over Sharon’s killing include Obado’s other personal assistant Michael Oyamo who was the first to be arrested.
Others include Lawrence Mula, a former MCA for Kanyadoto ward in Homa Bay. Suprisingly, after being lured to be witneses in the murder case and to face lesser charges, majority of the suspects are opening up.

Sharon had initially fled to Tanzania to escape her tormentors, who allegedly wanted her to abort the child she was carrying. She returned a week before she fell into the hands of her killers, who stabbed her eight times before dumping her body in a thicket. That those involved in the killing were amateurs and the schemers did not involve hit squads is well manifested by Obado allegedly involving his close aides Oyamo and Obiero.
Obiero’s big mistake was to allegedly use his wife’s car (the KCL Toyota Fielder) to abduct Sharon that could easily be traced by investigators. Obiero then allegedly hired a third party – Jack Gombe – to drive them to Kodera after the abduction of Sharon. Gombe is likely to be a key witness for the prosecution was kept in darkness. Obado the bald man, it is claimed, makes the fourth mistake. He allegedly hires a taxi to take him from Oyugis all the way to the scene of the crime.

Okoth’s mobile phone was allegedly traced to Kodera Forest. Gombe, it is alleged, has stated Obado was indeed at the scene of the crime and is likely to be placed under witness state protection. Obado is to face murder charge which is bailable. However bank accounts of his associates and children have been frozen. Asset recovery agencies have frozen the bank accounts of Obado’s wife, Hellen, five businessmen and three companies.

Governor’s allies being investigated by EACC are Jared Odoyo, Oluoch Kwaga, Ernest Omondi Owino and Joram Opala Otieno. Others are Patroba Ochanda Otieno, Beatrice Akinyi Ogutu, Kennedy Odhiambo Akello and Kennedy Onyango Adongo. Money transfers were made in favour of Scarlet Susan the governor’s daughter.

Other accounts targeted are for Janto Construction Limited (Sh4,000,317), Marowa Stores (Sh1,711,134) and Mbigo Enterprises (Sh2,067,058).
Mbingo Enterprises Ltd has been paid more than Sh700 million for several contracts.

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