How To Activate NHIF After Breaking Payments


What happens when you break your NHIF contribution?
NHIF insurance cover is a better form of insurance that allows members to contribute the principal amount on a monthly basis. This allows members to put in deposits of 500 shillings each on the minimum for informal contributors. Although monthly contribution is a good model, sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances contributors break their payments.

If you happen to break your NHIF monthly contribution, you will be deactivated,meaning you will not be able to use the NHIF card when you visit the hospital.

There are two options to reinstate your NHIF membership if you are deactivated. You can decide to pay the principal amount and then wait for sixty days before you can resume to use the service. Alternatively you can pay the arrears plus penalties and be activated on the spot.
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What are the penalties for late NHIF payment?

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Usually NHIF members need to pay their NHIF contribution by the 9th of each new month. If you fail to pay by this date then you or your employer depending on your type of contribution will have to pay extra to continue enjoying NHIF services.

In the case of an employer missing payment they will be required to pay double the principal.

When an individual or as they call them informal contributor fails to pay on time they will need to pay 50% on the principal. That would be 500 plus 250 which will be 750.



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