How To Apply For A Birth Certificate In Kenya


The Kenyan Birth Certificate is necessary if you want to acquire a Kenyan ID, apply for a Kenyan passport, register your child for NHIF, or register for school exams and many more. It is therefore very vital that parents apply for their children’s birth certificate as soon as they are born to avoid inconveniences in the future.

What you need:

Notification of birth
Copy of ID for those above 18 yrs
Copy of both parents ID cards
Copy of a Death certificate ( If a parent passed on)
The Procedure

The are several steps you can take to acquire a birth certificate in Kenya depending on your age and other documents that you have.

(1) Normal Registration

If you are a parent and you delivered your baby in hospital, then the hospital is obligated to issue you with a notification of birth. This is notification on birth has name (s) of parent and name of the child, the hospital the child was born, the date and signature and stamp from the hospital.

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You will present this Notification of Birth to a HUDUMA centre near you to begin the process of applying for a Kenyan birth certificate.

There are some fees you will pay for this service and give yourself 2 weeks to a month to have this vital document with you.

(2) Late Birth Certificate.
On the go to Civil registration services and select late birth certificate registration to begin the process.
This application is for births which were NOT registered within 6 months.
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For individuals who are under 18 years of age
Clinic Card
Parents Orignal ID Card/Passport/Births Certificate.
Additional Documents may be requested e.g Antinatal records or letter from Lawyer or Chief
Birth certificate for individuals who are over 18 years
Identity Card
Parents Orignal ID Card/Passport/Births Certificate.
School leaving Certificate (Form Four or Class 8).
Baptismal Card.
National Registration Bureau printout for those who do not have the parents ID.


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