I didn’t believe in Raila oath, says Kalonzo


Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has disowned his initial stance and said he was against Raila Odinga’s swearing-in on January 30.

Appearing on Citizen TV’s News-Night show on Tuesday, Kalonzo said he didn’t believe in the oath-taking despite earlier telling supporters the swearing-in was the beginning of the struggle for final liberation.

“We might not have the army like our counterparts in the government but the whole world will know that the people of Kenya have spoken and need their choice to be respected,” Kalonzo said at a Nasa rally in Homa Bay on January 26.

He ruled out dialogue with Jubilee saying time had run out. 

“My brother Raila has been accused of being power hungry, yet the truth is that he is more lenient than even myself,” Kalonzo said at a rally in Kakamega on January 28. 

“His victory has been robbed thrice yet I feel more aggrieved and bitter for having been robbed twice as his running mate. This time round we must be sworn in and then we fix this poll theft mess before 2022.” 

On Tuesday, the former Vice President vacated his earlier stance, saying the oath-taking was like “acting in a manner to mislead the people”.

“The truth of the matter is that there are people who misadvised my brother Raila on the swearing-in. Raila knew I was not going to be part of the oath because I have always stood for honest politics and been guided by what is reasonable and in the best interest of the nation. I’m happy people called it a mock thing,” Kalonzo told Hussein Mohamed during the interview.

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In February, the Wiper leader said he had been prevented from taking oath together with Raila because he had been put under house arrest. Kalonzo promised to take the oath later.

“How I wish I were able to do it right now. Taking oath is not an issue. We are not cowards. There is no hindrance. We have to put our house in order,” he said during National Executive Council meeting of the Wiper Party.


But on Tuesday, the former Foreign Affairs minister said he never believed in the swearing-in. “I didn’t want to rock the boat by appearing to be going against the grain,” he said.

On the 2022 General Election, Kalonzo said he will not be a running mate again and will instead go for the presidency. ODM leaders, including Siaya senator James Orengo, have said Raila will run again for president in 2022.

But Kalonzo said he will not be Raila’s deputy for the ticket because he does not want to be seen as a “professional running mate.”

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“From where you are sitting, do you expect Kalonzo to support Raila for the third time? Do you think I’d be in a proper frame of mind?” he said. “I look at that [Orengo’s remarks] as political posturing and people are entitled to it and should advance them to address issues in their mind.”


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