Made In Uganda Electric Bus Takes To The Roads


Kiira Motors Corporation, a local vehicle manufacturing company in Uganda has conducted a successful 130Km road test for a flagship model city bus ( Kayoola EVS), from Nakasongola to Kampala.

The Kayoola EVS is an electric vehicle with a seating capacity of 90 Passengers (49 Seated and 41 Standing), with assistive technology for people with special needs including a special seat and a ramp for easy boarding of people with physical disabilities. The Kayoola EVS has a range of 300km on a single charge, according to the manufacturer, with other features like USB Ports and onboard Wifi.

Kiira Motors Corporation is a domestic automotive industry value chain initiative of the Government of the Republic of Uganda.

The company now says that the Kayoola EVS Bus near commercial production.

The government of Uganda has already commissioned the construction of the Kiira Vehicle Plant for production of the bus, which commenced in February 2019 and the start of production is scheduled for June 2021.

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Kiira Motors Corporation says that it is further undertaking a 12 months study on rolling out electric buses in urban centers in Sub-Saharan Africa with the Kayoola EVS.

“This study is aimed at the validation of market requirements and the development of strategic value chain partners for the Kiira Vehicle Plant. At the end of the study, we expect to catalyze support from stakeholders, stimulate policy initiatives towards environmental protection through reduction of carbonized transportation, and stimulate electrification of mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa,” the company said in a statement.


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