Mashinani party designed for those that know won’t make it in nomination under Jubilee


Isaac Ruto is wasting Bomet county money in his deluded political show. The fool has NOTHING to show for 15 Billion shillings that Bomet has received. Meanwhile UhuRuto have about 100kms of new tarmac in Bomet, Bomet university, medical equipment of 2 hospitals, electrification, free maternity, laptops for kids and several other goodies.

This Isaac Ruto is a fool who is using county money to campaign and he’ll still be beaten like a luhya isukuti drum. Kericho county governor who has done a fair job has abandon this fool – and now he is left with two confused Mps, Zakayo Cheruiyot and Ng’eno. Do politics all day but more importantly deliver something – William Ruto record for the last 4 years compared to Isaac is as dark and night. Kalenjin are not about to be like Luos whom Raila have taken for a ride for generations.

Isaac is spending Bomet county money busing and paying fools to attend his rallies. He was deflated in Kericho senate election and has now restricted himself to Bomet. Thankfully we are just waiting to make Dr Joyce Laboso the governor.

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Those thinking that Isaac Ruto can give William Ruto headache are fools – he is nothing compared to Mois, Biwotts, Kosgeys, Franklin and others who had some development record to speak of but were beaten hands down by Ruto. The guy is panicked because he has done zero for Bomet. He is claiming Mashinani will back Uhuru for President but not William Ruto. If people get rigged out — they will resort to running in other JAP friendly parties – or as independent – although to be honest –very few will make it outside Jubilee.

Parties in Kenya are just a tool or a strategy. Raila and Ruto want to have strong parties for their own strategy. Raila want strong ODM so he can negotiate from position of strength with CORD partners or even stake a ran on his own & come 2nd. Ruto is looking at 2022 and he wants a united party. The former pro-ODM fellows who think Raila will not win or will not ran fair nomination want to form parties they can negotiate post-election deal with the winner – this is true for coast, gusii and western brigade. Then you have Peter Munya & Isaac Ruto who are afraid of Jubilee nomination and wants their own parties.

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