CS Matiangi. Indian PM & Prof. Mbithi

CS Matiangi, India PM MOndi & UoN VC Prof. Mbithi

After the atrocious attack on students by the police at the University of Nairobi last week, it has now emerged who really gave the instructions for police to gain entry into the sacred campus grounds to clobber the youngsters. A credible source who refused to be mentioned in this article but who is a member of the University Senate has narrated to us how one Mr. Wahome, University of Nairobi Chief Security Officer gave instructions to Mr. Koome the Nairobi Police Commandant to send officers to deal with the rowdy NASA supporters. Wahome, an uthamaki adherent took advantage of the absence of Vice Chancellor Prof. Peter Mbithi, who was hold in a strategy meeting for the University in Naivasha when the incidence happened. According to our sources, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Mbithi, during the Senate meeting on Thursday, lashed at Mr. Wahome and a committee of 5 has since been set up to investigate the circumstances under which police entered university classes and halls.

In what seems to be a well-orchestrated plan to oust Mbithi, Mr. Wahome calculatedly did the abominable in order to set up the VC and throw him under the bus. Sources have also intimated that the CS Education & Ag. CS Interior Dr. Matiangi is now taking advantage of the happenstance to try and push Prof. Mbithi to exit and pave way for Prof. Njoroge, a brother to current PS Energy Eng. Joseph Njoroge and also brother to former KenGen CEO Eddy Njoroge. The Njoroge family, an elite Mt. Kenya mafia family from Gatundu enjoys closeness with the first family. Earlier last year, they had attempted to oust Prof. Mbithi in order to secure the VC role to enable them ‘run’ the university whose annual budget of 23Billion surpasses that of Nairobi County. After failed attempts, Prof. B. Njoroge was appointed DVC Admin & Finance, a portfolio formerly held by Prof. Mbithi himself when Magoha was VC. The newly appointed Prof. Njoroge attempted to undermine his new boss Prof. Mbithi, leading to his dismissal by the University Council, then chaired by Dr. Idle Farah. But to prove that he was no featherweight and to exhibit his proximity to statehouse, Njoroge is understood to have prevailed upon Matiangi through the presidency to dismiss the whole council for firing him. Dr. Matiangi, himself once a lecturer of literature at the university, and who is said to have had a difficult relationship with Prof. Mbithi in his days, took the opportunity to trim Mbithi to size.

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These wars are said to now be at the center of everything once again. Wahome, the university security boss, has always been a pawn on the chess of the Njoroge-Matiangi axis. His invitation to the police to maim ‘NASA’ supporters in campus was to achieve the uproar and hence legitimize actions by Matiangi to fire the VC. Even worse, has been the frustration of Prof. Mbithi by the Jubilee regime, who cut down the university budget because he hails from a NASA region. In the coming days, Matiangi is expected to attempt pursuing the agenda of firing ‘the Kamba guy who won’t tow the government line’ even after this Kamba guy was coerced into attending a meeting of ‘Kamba Leaders’ at State House a couple of weeks ago. Prof. Mbithi becomes yet another statistic of the Jubilee regime parastatal leaders whose only sin is that of not being born into the ‘right’ tribe. WE must resist these unnecessary smoke screens. We demand that everyone involved in abusing the students rights be fired and yes we want action taken yesterday, but until Matiangi leads the chorus of telling Chiloba to exit, we will not let him meddle in university affairs. Meanwhile, the Wahome gentleman should have been fired already. The university is a sacred place. Period!


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