Matiba talks about his assassination attempt in the 1990


On June 13, 1990, a gang of men dressed in civilian clothes but addressing each other by military ranks raided Kenneth Matiba’s home.

They asked for him by name and, when told he was not at home, they severly beat his wife and daughter before escaping with a pocket book and a cheap necklace.

Although the police said the episode was a burglary, Matiba charged that it was an assassination attempt. An affidavit was also filed by a man who claimed he had been paid to bomb Matiba.

Less than a month later, Matiba and Rubia were picked up by plain clothes police and driven off to unknown destination. Lawyer John Khaminwa who was acting for Rubia was arrested the following day when he entered a police station to inquire the whereabouts of his client.

Also arrested was Raila Odinga after reports indicated he had held two meetings with both Rubia and Matiba. Kiraitu Murungi who was in London when the crackdown began refused to come back and described Kenya as a lawless country, remarks which were rubbished by Kenya’s High Commissioner to Britain Dr Sally Kosgei.

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Prior to the arrests President Moi had warned that his patience was running out.

May his soul rest in peace.

Matiba Video on his attempted assasination

Via Levin Opiyo


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