Mau Forest evictees have petitioned DPP Noordin Haji to commence the prosecution of Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina


Mau Forest evictees have petitioned DPP Noordin Haji to commence the prosecution of Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina amid claims of incitement.

Through their lawyer Sigey Arap Bett, they said the legislator has been quoted making inflammatory statements on various dates between June and August.

Bett says the particulars of the said statements have been construed to infer to members of one-ethnic grouping in Maasai Mau forest.

“The senator on different occasions was heard saying that if the government fails to evict the people living in the Mau, ‘they’ will take the law upon their hands.”

“This was in what appears to mean ethnic rhetoric calculated to ostracize members of a particular community,” Bett said.

He argued that the constant threats made by the lawmaker have come to pass if the ethnic clashes in the Mau are anything to go by.

“Our clients are particularly worried by the silence of your office on this grave matter where Kenyans continue to lose their lives daily,” he said.

The lawyer says that if the DPP fails to arrest and prosecute Ledama and his co-perpetrators, they shall petition the court to allow them to commence private prosecutions against the lawmaker.

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“We are demanding from you ipso facto – by that very fact or act, that you commence proceedings against the Senator within 14 days.”

“We shall make the application stated above after the expiry of the period stated. Failure to exercise your powers, we shall seek leave of court for the case,” Bett said.

On Monday, Ledama appeared before Narok security committee and intelligence officers.

The lawmaker recorded a statement over claims that he incited the tribal clashes witnessed in the said areas.

He refuted claims that he fuelled the recent clashes by inciting the Maasai community against the Kipsigis community.

Ledama instead blamed a section of Rift Valley leaders who frequently visit the area for causing the violence witnessed in the said areas.

The legislator also dismissed a widely circulated video clip on the incitement claims saying it was malicious and meant to benefit certain individual’s interests.


  1. Kenya Media is the one making this issue of Mau Conservation about Maasai and Kalenjin.

    Mau Forest affect Tanzania and Uganda.
    Lake Natron and R.Mara go to Tanzania from the Mau Escarpment.
    Lake Victoria gets its water from Mau forest rivers.

    So, this is a regional isse. Not a simplistic Maasai and Kipsigis issue.



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