MP accused of beating his wife over a side chic


Githunguri MP Gabriel Kago Mukuha aka Kago Wa Lydia on Friday night assulted and seriously injured his wife Emily Wanjiku Gitiha at their home in Loswan Estate, Kiambu Road. According to sources privy to the incident, the first time MP arrived home in a drunken stupor and descended on his wife with kicks and blows inflicting serious body injuries to the lactating mother of four.

According to close family members, the MP was angered when his wife – who is a medical practitioner, informed him that she had treated for multiple Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) three times in under an year despite remaining faithful to him, prompting the fight.

This is not the first time the MP has assaulted her. Early this year, the MP’s mpango wa kando, a one Ms Eunice Wambui, had ambushed her at Quickmatt Supermarket inflicting serious injuries. Later that evening when she went home, the MP gave her a dogs beating. Apparently, the mpango who has a child with the MP is the wife’s niece.

“Kago – MP, called our mother at around 3am and told her that we should go for ‘the malaya in his house’ referring to my sister or else we go pick her dead in the morning”, confided a brother to the victim.

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“By the time I arrived to rescue my sister, she was hiding in the servants quarter. My nephew who lives in the same compound helped her run. He attacked her using an ironing box causing serious injuries all over the body”, he added.

The victim has since recorded statements with police and they are awaiting for the DCI to arrest and charge the MP.

“We hope Justice shall be served, Kago is a beast and doesn’t deserve to be in parliament representing people. We have rescued our sister from jaws of death. Every year my sister has to runaway twice. There is a time when he beat her and put pepper in her private parts, my sister confided that to me but now this has come to an end.” he further added.


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