Konoin MP Brighton Yegon and Embomos MCA Robert Serbai, clashed at a church function forcing a priest to intervene.

The two met during the proposed Kobel catholic parish funds drive where Serbai told the MP he is the one who has repaired roads in his ward of which the MP was taking credit of.

Trouble started when Serbia told the congregants that a contractor will be on site to work on Kipkoibet-Cheptalal road saying that it is the authority’s project while on his part, the MP responded saying it is a county road and they had already written to governor to construct it.

Tension was high during the church function which forced Fr John Paul to intervene telling the two to work as a team for the sake of development.

“The public is not interested in your political differences but they want to see work done, that is all what they need ,” Fr Paul said.

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Former Konoin MP Julius Kones urged the two to work as a team and forget their political ambition.

Kones told the two political opponents that he is the senior most in the area and urged them to seek advice rather than fight.


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