Nakuru Railways OCS Beatrice Nyaga Beaten Up By Mechanics In Eviction Row


Nakuru Railways Officer Commanding Station (OCS) Ms Beatrice Nyaga was on Friday roughed up by irate mechanics within Nakuru town following an eviction row.

According to media reports, the OCS in the company of other officers had gone to enforce a court order that directed the mechanics to vacate a premise where they had been operating from.

It is reported that a businesswoman who had leased the space moved to court and obtained a court order that ordered eviction of the mechanics from the premises with immediate effect.

The mechanics could not hear of any eviction notice and decided to resist moving out of the premises, accusing the police officers of having been bribed by the business woman.

It is alleged that the police decided to use force, causing a scuffle. The OCS allegedly hit one of the mechanics during commotion. In a retaliation, the mechanics countered the police with their working tools and stones.

The Standard reports that police were forced to lob teargas and shoot in the air to disperse the rowdy crowd who charged towards them.

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It is during the scuffle when the OCS was pelted with stones and metals before she was wheeled away by the officers, her face covered in blood. She was then rushed to the Nairobi Womens Hospital where she was treated and discharged.

The mechanics went into hiding after the incident.

A few weeks ago, two traffic police officers from Nakuru were filmed being roughed up by a TukTuk operator at Section 58. The police are yet to arrest the suspect who has since gone into hiding.


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