Nominated Senator Njoroge keen on revealing his paymasters


It seems that the TNA Nominated Senator Njoroge is very keen to reveal his paymasters going by his recent press conference. It very clear he doesn’t speak for President Uhuru Kenyatta but Raila & Gideon Moi. It would make more political impact if he was at least addressing a crowd of 10 people but here comes an nominated nobody (courtesy of disability) busy calling a press conference thinking he can lecture Deputy President William Ruto on politics instead of focusing on special interest he is suppose to represent. He is supposed to address the interest of persons with Disability. He is clearly a political neophyte being used by his fellow senator Gideon Moi.

I don’t attach much importance to Senator Njoroge rant. I think he has been bought by Gideon & CORD to make noise. As for Governor Kabogo & governor Munya – we know why they are speaking that way – Ruto is closer to their opponent – Senator Kiraitu & MP Waitutu – and like Isaac – these guys are scared shitless of 2017.

They all certainly don’t speak for President Uhuru. Uhuru has endorsed Ruto publicly several times. He has respected Ruto and has shared 50-50. I don’t know what more assurance Ruto would want. Maybe make Uhuru invent a future time machine and zoom into 2022 –so we can be sure where most Kikuyus will vote then. Read Also:

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UHURU is the only one who can make or braek Ruto’s presidency

So far so good. Some people are starting to get really scared of 2022 because they now know UhuRuto are serious about this -and that 2017 is done dusted deal (all Jubilee seem to care now is just getting legitimate IEBC). The most significant development to watch is Jubilee party–that will be Ruto brand new vehicle to statehouse – and the rest are details. READ: Gideon Moi trying hard to weaken DP Ruto


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