Obado: I told Sharon we can only talk about the welfare of the baby, not marrying her


When Sharon Otieno was pregnant, I did talk over it with her. She even suggested that I bring her home since she was pregnant. I told her that I did not have such intentions and the only thing we were discussing was the welfare of the child.

After that Sharon kept on sending several WhatsApp messages but I would not reply. She used approximately seven different phones that I used to block. Around June or July, she started sending the message and her pictures of pregnancy to many people. They included my first son Dan and my staff at Migori county.

During the governors conference that was held in Kakamega, I was booked at Acacia hotel in Kisumu with other governors. Sharon went and booked herself at Imperial Hotel Kisumu without my invitation or involvement. On the same day, my wife called me asking which hotel I was booked and I told her that I was at Acacia Hotel. She queried whether I was at the Imperial Hotel with one Sharon Otieno as she had been informed that there was a plan to take video recordings at Imperial with Sharon and me. I dismissed the claim and I assured her that I was Acacia.

Around late April or early May, I met with Sharon at a Nairobi hotel and this was the last time that I physically met her. I also learned that she had other two children older than the daughter she had told me of. When I met her she had introduced herself as a single mother of one.

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[ODM chairman John] Mbadi later called me and told me of a journalist who had been looking for me and he sent his mobile number. He requested me to call him. I did call the number and the gentleman introduced himself as Barrack Oduor a Nation reporter based in Homa Bay. He said that he had tried to reach me many times but failed to find me. I met Barrack only once at home in Migori.

Extracts from Obado’s statement following the murder of Sharon Otieno. Obado is the Migori governor.


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