Pregnant Lady accuse Taxify driver of assault.


This afternoon has just been the worst experience I have ever had in the Kenya public transport system courtesy of taxify and a driver by the name Stephen (True caller ID – Stephen Nzau)with a KCN 255V, phone no. 0713597874.

Let me start with a summary because this is a long post. This driver wanted to run away with my change and when I proved to be difficult he assaulted me focusing a lot on my huge belly bump coz I am 38w pregnant. Until I was saved by the security guards at the junction

Now to the long version:

So I was picked up on Kivemia road Statehouse road junction, on my way to the junction mall. When we got on Dennis pritt, the guy asked me if we proceed to agwins khodek through that karoad for DoD. But both roads had traffic so we agreed to proceed with Dennis pritt. So we go on with the trip but traffic imeshikana, we agree to use Google maps to see the least congested route. We see on maps that ring road is 6 minutes faster than lenana road. And I tell him to use ring road even before we get to the roundabout. The guy ignores and uses lenana road. at that point I tell him, please use the route I suggest because taxify bills are normally given based on a range and I could end up paying a very huge sum if we continue to use congested routes. I even point out that I prefer using uber at times because regardless or the route a driver uses, the bill remains constant. The guy starts telling me how uber are the worst, people can hack their systems and tamper with billing etc. I tell him sijui hio maneno but we continue with our journey silently.

When we approach riara road, I tell the guy to use that so that I can get off at the back entrance of junction mall, the guy ignores and proceeds to Ngong road meaning we have to go around that turn for dagoreti corner. At this point I am irritated but silent. When we get to junction mall, the guy ends trip and the bill is 470/- I reach into my bag and give the man 1000/- (we are at that man entrance of the mall where the Nakumatt elephants used to be), he proceeds to tell me that he has no change and I should guys get out he will send me the balance on mpesa.

Of course I refused. I tell him no, there are some shops here and we can easily get change. How can a stranger just go and promise to mpesa yet I don’t know him. I even point out the security guy at the pay point and tell him he might have change. Now remember we are at the entrance of the mall and all parking spots are taken the only free ones are the handicapped spots which we obviously can’t use. He asks me where does he park, I show him the building on the side which is parking only.

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The moment we are in that building, mtu aligeuka mnyama.

He tells me “madam you are very arrogant wewe, mbona hutaki pesa na mpesa” I wonder now why am I being called arrogant but of course in quick retort I tell him, I have given you cash so give me change in cash or get change tumalizane.

He refused.

I could see some security people at the parking pay point and I assumed I could just get change from them coz they normally have change anyway because those machines don’t normally take 1k notes. So I tell him to give me back my money.

He refused.

Guy says “lazima nikutumie na mpesa.” at this point it has not hit me that this guy’s intention is to run off with my change. I tell him, that is not necessary because in any case I will have to incur charges when it’s time to withdraw. He then tells me to get out of of his car or he will drive off with me. I tell him go ahead and I will tell the security people at the gate that he has kidnapped me.

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Then it actually hits me, what if there is nobody at the exit and this guy actually drives off with me to parts unknown? I panic and open the door but I also reach across and frantically hit the horn so that I can draw attention because I am still not ready to let him run off with my change.

I tell you the blows that landed on my face!!!!

Then I put my hand up to protect my face and still calling out for security the guy grabs my hand and punches me on the side of the belly. Now I tell him to stop because I am pregnant. He rained punches on my chest and belly asking me “Kwani mimba ni yangu”

I tried to protect myself but what can I even do being 38 weeks heavy and in shock.

Thank God the security people at the parking have come by then, they guy gets out of the car and as I am being pulled out of the car by the security officers, I see that his phone is still in the car plugged in. I unplugged it and hold it as I exit the car. He notices of course, and starts saying I should return his phone. I tell him I will return his phone when he returns my money. The security guy takes the money and quickly gives me 530/- in change. Another security guy comes quickly and starts recording statements from both of us.

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Then, security guy asks, what do you want to do, mtaskizana? I wonder kuskizana ni kufanya nini? I tell him I must report the incident to the police because the next time this guy could do much worse to another unsuspecting woman and may even be the kind to escalate to sexual assault and I cannot live with that on my conscience. The security guy he tells me to go to muthangari police station.

Of course the driver having his own transport runs to muthangari police station and arrives before me where he says I slapped him and accused him or trying to rape me. Mark you, I did neither. I did of course try to protect myself when he attacked but I never falsely accused him of trying to rape me.

Anyway long story short, I have just come from the hospital, I am mostly OK, my baby is OK although I have to get an ultrasound tomorrow to confirm.

I just thank God for my fam because they descended on the police station in no time I was not the strange pregnant lady sobbing uncontrollably in the corner. There were people there to help me make my statement and report.

Please beware of this guy:

courtesy of taxify and a driver by the name Stephen (True caller ID – Stephen Nzau)with a KCN 255V, phone no. 0713597874


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