Revealed: Why woman crawled behind President Kenyatta during TV interview


A video of a middle-aged woman crawling a few meters behind President Uhuru Kenyatta during a televised interview with journalists on Friday has gone viral online, with social media users wondering why she opted to make that howler.

President Kenyatta answered journalists’ questions at State House Mombasa in an unprecedented arrangement, which saw him address issues touching on corruption in Government, Kenya’s debt burden, education curriculum debacle and 2022 politics.

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena says the woman “is a member of my team, and, honestly, I won’t reveal her identity. I have to protect her from ridicule at all cost”.

“By the time the cameras had begun rolling, she was on the right side of the President. Her positioning was okay until something came up during the interview. I needed her to handle some urgent task. I am blaming poor timing on the gaffe. Our arrangement was when the cameras were focused on the journalists, she would crawl to the left. Unfortunately, when she was doing that, the cameras resumed focus on the Head of State. Though occasional, these things do happen during such fast-paced and multi-camera productions,” Ms Dena said.

At the time the woman’s action was captured on video, President Kenyatta was speaking about the economic development, he believes, the SGR has brought to the Kenyan people.


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