Sabina Chege linked to Echesa Scandal


Muranga woman representave is the vocal female MP from mt. Kenya region linked to the former sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa scandal.

Detectives were looking for the female MP who allegedly played a crucial role in helping former CS Rashid Echesa in the multi-billion fake firearms scandal.

According to sources sleuths visited KICC, the venue in which directors of an American firm met the MP, on Monday morning. The foreigners failed to identify the office in which they met the foreigners.

The two foreigners have been identified as Mr Stanley Kozlowoski, the CEO of Eco Advanced Technologies LLC and Mr Mustafa Mamdough, a director at the American firm.

The two met the vocal MP in October last year. She allegedly told them that they were in safe hands and assured them that they would clinch the Ksh39.5 billion tender.

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