SDA student suspended for refusing to sit exams on Saturday


The Form Two girl comes from a staunch SDA family but schools at a Catholic sponsored school

Seventh Day Adventists (SDAs) worship on Saturdays which they believe is the Sabbath Day

She was suspended after refusing to sit for examinations on a Saturday saying it’s against her faith

Her father is now thinking of transferring her to another school

A Form Two student at a Kisii-based national school has been suspended after she refused to sit examinations on a Saturday on grounds that it was against her faith.

The Seventh Day Adventist faithful was sent home by Nyabururu Girls High School administration to seek counselling after she explained in a letter that she refused to sit exams because it went against doctrines of the Church
She said in the letter that she could not sit for the Physics and Mathematics tests because Saturday is the Sabbath set aside by God for rest.

The school is Catholic-sponsored and observes Sunday as the day for worship.

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“Despite the consequences, I will never ever study or do exams on God’s own stationed Sabbath. I know that everything that happens God is always aware of it. I need not be afraid of the outcome.“As God delivered Daniel from the den of lions, he will also deliver me. I know God is my Lord and King of kings,” read he letter.

The school received this as truancy and in a letter dated September 25, the Principal, Joyce Orioki, sent her home for failing to adhere to school programmes.

In the letter, the school claimed internal counselors had failed to change her belief.

“This is not a disciplinary case but a matter that requires guidance from us and the parents. We have done our part. We are ready to assist where possible,” said the principal.

The girl’s father, Vincent Onkangi, said he was summoned to the school over the issue.

He said the family members are staunch SDA faithfuls but he had tried in vain to prevail upon her children to adhere to sch


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