Senator Cheruiyot asks CS Tuju to apologize to the people of Mau Narok


Sec Gen Hon. Rahael Tuju owes the people of Mau Narok an apology.

Cabinet Secretary and Jubilee Party Secretary General Hon Raphael Tuju owes the people of Mau Narok an apology.

The remarks made yesterday by the ruling partys Secretary General on the controversial Mau evictions were extremely dumbfounding and unfortunate. It smirks of olden days aloofness by cabinet ministers who would address pressing issues of national importance from their well-polished and air-conditioned offices oblivious of the real issues in the grassroots.

In his statement, the CS tells off leaders in the legislature who have raised concerns on how the Mau evictions have been undertaken. He wonders why legislators from the ruling party can oppose a government directive. Mr CS, Which government directive, the leaders and the people of Mau Narok dare ask? A government directive to evict people living way off the official cutline? To evict Kenyans living on land where they have genuine title deed? I suspect Secretary General Tuju is not speaking for the Jubilee Administration. That cannot be a directive from the government lead by our party leader H. E President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In horror, we watched last night as the CS regurgitated that we must all support the governments initiative to conserve our water towers. If the CS had cared to comprehend the complex issue of Mau Narok, he would have known that citizens themselves have been leading the efforts of flashing out all forest invaders. There is no debate about invaders getting off the forest. Every sane Kenyan supports that. That is the proper government directive and has our unequivocal support. Our collective protest is against the invasion of private land by rogue government officers in the pretext of conservation. Our protest is against the continued silence by the County Commissioner as more than 4,000 primary school children remain at home after interruption of their schooling program by this misadventure. Young and old alike are astounded that the very spot our President stood on while campaigning a few months ago is now being declared a forest and their stay illegal.

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Therefore, CS Tuju owes the good Kenyans living in Mau Narok an apology for appearing to sanitize what is obviously a gross violation of human rights. The officers who have meted out these heinous acts on the innocent women and children of Mau Narok must be brought to account. Police brutality can never be condoned. They have not only let down our party leader but also opened to ridicule his very noble efforts of conserving our water towers. As a new entrant into the party, Tujus lack of clarity on what our party ethos are can be excused but not unchallenged. I urge him to get off that air conditioned office and visit Mau Narok to properly acquaint himself with the issues at play.

Finally, our party leader H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta announced during our first Parliamentary group meeting that he was elevating the SG to serve as a special CS representing the party in the cabinet. He is the link between cabinet and the legislature. The current state where members of the party are complaining of not properly grasping some cabinet directives is clear testament of the failure by Hon. Tuju to effectively discharge his duties. It is expected of him to occasionally keep informed members of the legislature on the on goings in the cabinet. Where there is a clear conflict, he should seek to build bridges, not rushing to press conferences to display his ignorance on very weighty issues.

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On the alleged meeting of the NEC to discuss the conduct of Senate Majority leader, Hon Kipchumba Murkomen, I need not comment. In any case if there was a proper meeting of NEC, Senator Kipchumba Murkomen will give clarity to his thoughts there as he is a member. Issues of house leadership are canvassed at the parliamentary group. Therefore the information in circulation in todays dailies must be urbane gossip and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Hon Raphael Tuju, I urge you to take the earliest opportunity to apologize to the residents of Mau Narok whose rights have been violated. Your scornful dismissal of the issues raised by leaders from the region is nauseating to say the least. Please do the honorable thing.

Thank You.

Senator Aaron Cheruiyot.

Senator, Kericho county.

Commisioner , PSC.


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