1. Is there an inventory list on how the Jack MA Donations were received and which hospitals and medical facilities received the donations?

• 500,000 swabs and test kits
• 300 Ventilators
• 4.6 million masks
• 200,000 sets of protective clothing
• 200,000 face shields
• 2,000 temperature guns
• 100 body temperature scanners
• 500,000 pair of gloves

  1. With all the testing kits and reagents received why have we just done 17,992 tests as of 28/04/2020 yet we recieved 500,000 test kits from Jack Ma? (Meanwhile KEMRI staff are yet to recieve Personal Protective Clothing – PPEs)
  2. Can KEMSA publish their accounts on how they have appropriated Kshs. 5b allocated to them in the last two months?
  3. What procedure is being used to procure medical supplies at KEMSA?
  4. Which newspaper were the KEMSA medical supplies tenders advertised?
  5. Which politicians, powerful family members and friends have been given tenders by KEMSA, NIS, MoH and Interior Ministry?
  6. How many patients are admitted in hospitals or quarantined in govt facilities and how much has been spent per each isolated and quarantined patient?
  7. What is the breakdown medicine and medical equipment used to treat a Covid19 patient. (list for both mild and severe cases)
    NB: some patients are just being given fruits and paracetamol
  8. How much money has been budgeted for COVID fight at the following hospitals:
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a) KU Teaching and Refferal Hospital
b) KNH
c) Mbagathi Hospital
d) Moi Teaching and Referral hospital.

  1. Why the preferential treatment for Kenyatta University teaching and Referral Hospital? (So far allocated Kshs 1.5b)


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