The leaked video is actually Wajir Woman Rep Fatuma Gedi (Proof)


Some paid bloggers including Cyprian Nyakundi claims that the video is a fabrication and that the lady in that video is not Hon. Fatuma Gedi. He says that the person in the video is totally different and the video was first leaked online in 2016. With all this assertion, he cannot post a link of the said video of 2016 because it does not exist.

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He then went ahead and said: “Further investigations by the team confirmed that the sound in the alleged Fatuma Gedi’s sex tape is a voice over from a YouTube Clip that was shared on Youtube in Late March 2018. Confirm and compare the below Videos.” Nyakundi should know that YouTube policy does not allow pornographic content and what the guys does is advertising the video and leaving his phone number. The fact that the video was out earlier than when it went viral does not invalidate it’s content.

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If you’ve watched the original video here:Women rep from North Eastern S3x tape leaks you will realize that when you are seeing the face of the lady, she makes the accurate sound tracks and not an external sound track.

Those marks are not tattoos on her body but henna which is common in Somali ladies including her

One interesting thing to note on the video is her dental formula.

Watch the video and compare the dental formula and it will tell you that it’s actually the Wajir Woman Rep.


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