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  1. May 2018

Early May, High Court Judge Mbogoli Msagha ordered Nairobi Women’s hospital to pay 54 million shillings to a minor as compensation for their negligence during his birth.

The court determined, because of negligence he suffered complicatiions and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy a life-long condition that has confined him to a wheel chair and caused him to require costly treatment.

  1. March 2018

A family in Meru County was struggling to come to terms with the death of their four year-old daughter Ariela Mwendwa after she died following a minor operation to remove her tonsils at Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Hurlingham. The family raised questions about how a surgical procedure they had been informed was fairly straightforward took a tragic turn.

Medical report showed that the girl died out of oxygen deprivation.

Ariela’s parents had taken their daughter to Nairobi Womens Hospital for a 40 minutes procedure to remove tonsils. The hospital said it’s the medicine they gave for the procedure that affected her.

  1. November 2017
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At least 12 patients were living in detention on the fourth floor of the Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Ongata Rongai – some for more than eleven months, for failing to pay medical bills. The patients were all treated for various health issues, but could not been allowed to leave due to outstanding bills.

This was despite the fact that some were in need of further medical attention. Even as their conditions worsened the hospital denied them the right to seek treatment claiming they owed them money.

Isaac Njoroge a 19 years old student of Karuri High School was locked up in the hospital long after he recovered from accident injuries. His treatment was stopped in March. He however could not sit for end year KCSE exams since he was in hospital detention because of 2.4M hospital bill.

  1. August 2012

Close to 400 people signed petition seeking reforms at the Nairobi women’s hospital. The renowned hospital came under scrutiny after young mothers posted stories on social media of alleged professional negligence they experienced at the hospital.

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Protestors claimed more than 40 patients had shared their near death experiences at the hospital and some of their loved ones died in the hospital while giving birth under controversial circumstances.

  1. May 2018

Ms Jennifer Wanjiku has cried so much in recent days that she no longer cares to wipe away the tears.

Her husband fractured his hand and skull in a motorcycle accident on February 24, then doctors operated on his hand and ignored his head, and when he died she was slapped with a Sh1.4 million bill.

“Nobody is telling me what happened to my husband and how he died,” a distraught Ms Wanjiku said as she mourned her husband at her Gacharage home

Now she cannot bury her husband until she clears that bill.

A former staff put it…”Mmmmh, they admit a walking patient in ICU. I questioned and I was laid off. With my big mouth, I couldn’t just watch.”

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a) Are hospitals exploiting poor Kenyans to profit in their treatment and in death?

b) Are hospitals like NAIROBI WOMENS HOSPITAL getting away with NEGLIGENCE one too many times?

c) Is it time for kenyans to demand for laws to protect patients from exploitation and negligence?

d) Is it time to put it in law that once patients die, hospitals shall waive bills 100%?

e) Is it time to demand that hospitals denying patients emergency treatment for lack of finances be deregistered?

f) Is NAIROBI WOMENS HOSPITAL the riskiest private hospital to be treated in?

We may not be patients today but we are not sure about tomorrow.


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