This is disheartening

A few days ago I received a call from my mum that on Wednesday 9am, I should be in California, Kamukunji constituency to witness my dad being honored as a hero in Kenya. She insisted that I shouldn’t miss because when he used to get these medals for Kenya, none of us was there.
A quick history of why my mum said ‘none of us was there…’ My dad was a Boxer- Light Heavy Weight Champion. During his hey days, he represented Kenya in All Africa Games and The Olympics. He won very many medals for Kenya. A quick count takes it to over 15 medals
None of us was there when he was the Champ. Even my mum. He was a bachelor. So we all needed to be there. Including our children (his grand children) to witness this replay of History. I even asked my media team to be present and postpone all shoots they had today
At 8.30am, my Media team arrived on site. Ready to set up and roll by 9am. My dad and mum walked in at 9am. My dad is 73 years old. He has knee problems so he uses clutches and experiences memory loss (caused by the boxing). So understand the sacrifice he had to undertake
The event was supposed to end at 1pm. By 10am, I had not arrived. So I was really tense that I was going to miss the moment that seldom comes around. I made a quick stop at Pizza Inn and bought all the Grand children something to bite and quickly dashed to California, Eastleigh
I was lucky there was no traffic. So by 11am, I had arrived. I was happy I made it on time. Little did I know what was ahead of me. By 1pm, the time the event was supposed to end, the DCC (Deputy County Commissioner) of Kamukunji had not arrived. He walked in at 2pm
The DCC said that he came to step in for the RC (Regional Commissioner) who was in Kasarani at a Presidential function. We thought he would hand out the Certificates so that we can leave. Shock on us, he said we wait for the RC
4pm, finally the RC arrived. Relief for all guys. Now certificates will be given. He gives his speech (which to me was out of touch with the guys on the ground) then he calls out names of like 10 people (Govn officials) and hands them their certificate with honor
Then I expected him to begin calling the real heroes of the 1970s and 1980s. The event is cut short and the DCC says that the RC needs to go for another meeting so we should excuse him. We agree. Further more the DCC is there and we will get the certificates
The Rc and DCC leave. We are left with a lady who calls the names on the certificates and throws them on the table for these old guys to walk over and start looking for their certificates. We meet like 7 guys trying to locate the certificate on the table. It’s like feedng chicken
So I wondered: why did they make us wait for 8 hours to throw certificates at these old people? They had not been fed, although there was food but it cannot be served until the “Boss” has eaten. Why not give them certificates in a dignified and Orderly manner?
The real shocker was yet to come. Remember the RC was going for a meeting…. so I happened to have seen the car he came in with. I had to chill around and make sure my parents and crew had transport to their respective places. So I saw the RC cars and decided to be nosy
So I asked the driver where the RC is. And he said: He is eating behind there. 😳😳😳😳that was an hour later. So I wonder, the meeting he was going to was actually his lunch!!! Poor parents and us, were thrown at certificates and no food. What a way to treat the heroes!!!
He just needed to spare 30 minutes and honor our parents in an Honorable manner. I happened to chat with other old guys and they were so mad. One of them said: ‘I would rather have stayed home and collected the certificate from the office.’ And I couldn’t agree more.
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