This is how the wealthy stay wealthy


Next time you board an airplane, I want you to check this out…

If you’ve ever flown before, think about what you first see when you start boarding. You have to walk down the aisle through business class to get to the main cabin of the plane.

It’s an interesting walk. You can check out who is sitting in business class, while you drag your bag back to where all the ‘regular people’ sit.

I’ve found that there are generally three types of people that sit in business class:

There’s the “I’m cool as shit, wear fancy clothes, and act like an asshole,” business class passenger. This guy/gal likes to flash their money. They actually aren’t wealthy at all, but make themselves appear so. They’re also incredibly difficult passengers to sit next to, as they rarely fly, so they have poor passenger etiquette. Oh, and they probably bought their seat by going into further credit card debt.
Then there’s the ‘real deal business class passenger’ – the traveling business executive. These people don’t actually pay for their ticket, the company they work for does. This type of passenger is what business class was made for. Meaning, airlines get an enormous amount of money every year from companies who pay for their employees to fly business class. It’s a business expense for the company; they want their employees to be well rested and taken care of when they arrive to their destination.
Finally, there’s the ‘I didn’t pay for business class, but I get upgraded every time because I fly so damn much’ passenger. These people are the warriors of travel. When you fly more than 100,000 miles a year (which is actually pretty common now-a-days), you end up getting upgraded to business class quite often. These passengers are paying for economy class tickets themselves, out of their pocket, or through the company they own.
I’ll repeat that last sentence for #3. These passengers are paying for their tickets themselves, out of their pocket, OR THROUGH THE COMPANY THEY OWN.


When you are a business owner, you understand that every dollar spent – whether it’s a business expense or not – is going to affect your bottom line.

It’s incredible if you actually see how very wealthy people spend their money. They are often some of the most frugal people around. They will haggle with nearly every purchase, they’ll double check receipts, and they’ll try to save money whenever they can.

That’s not to say that they are afraid to spend their money…

It’s just that they know WHAT expenses will move their wealth forward, and they know WHEN to make those big buys.

So how do they know that? How do they know when to spend money and when to save it?

Through experience. Through trial and error.

When you become truly wealthy, if you do not continue to practice the habits that got you there, you will lose everything.


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