‘TO HELL!’ Video Exposes Governor Mandago Telling Non-Nandi Communities, Vows to Cause Chaos If Not Reelected


It is only two days left to the Jubilee party primaries for the Uasin Gishu gubernatorial seat.

The race, which has now been reduced to a two-horse contest between the incumbent Governor Jackson Mandago, and his strongest opponent, billionaire business mogul Kiprop Bundotich Buzeki, is almost at its most heated moment.

Mandago has been accused of massive graft, nepotism within the county administration, and being a major tribal leader, a fact that has now become the thorn in his flesh.

No sooner had he led a demonstration against the appointment of Prof Laban Ayiro, who hails from the Luhya community, than he came out again, this time directly attacking the Kikuyu community and other non-Nandi groups living in the county.

Governor Mandago when he led a demonstration against the appointment of Prof. Laban Ayiro as the acting VC of Moi University, an act for which Kenyans across the nation condemned him.

In a shocking video that has gone viral and was leaked to the press by a resident, Mandago is heard to be speaking in vernacular telling the crowd that had gathered during a night meeting of his plans to finish the non-Nandis in Eldoret town.

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Mandago says if the Kikuyus will not vote for him, then they should forget any service or post in the County.

The national Government had earlier installed street lights but the Governor is heard telling some villagers that he did it for the Kikuyus in town to do business at night.

“Keiyos should support me or also risk dire consequences worse than what Biwott and Kosgey contest brought out,” he said.

A past scene from Eldoret town when violence erupted a few months ago

The Governor has never presented any development agenda, yet his campaign is tagged on the tribal card, as if to incite the Nandi community against those living around them.

In the video, the Governor said he will organise a massive town meeting on Wednesday 19th April 2017, and he will pay for the lorries to ferry people to town, to demonstrate to those in the town that Eldoret has its owners.

He also demanded that the villagers to bring 100 young men to town to be part of his militia.

The National Integration Commission has been alerted on this issue so as to reign in on the governor who is obviously fanning tribal violence.



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