Top Kenyan Officials Arrested in Kampala Uganda.


KAMPALA (Kampala times) – Two top Kenyan officials have been arrested in Kampala Uganda following a dragnet set on them by joint officials from Kenya and Uganda. The two a Dr. Joseph and Mr. Isaac Bett were on the run from the Kenyan authorities. The two were arrested at the Central Bank of Uganda after their transaction railed the red alert. Two other Suspects were able to escape the dragnet. The two are Mr. Kadir and Mr. Maksoud who are of Asian origin based in Dubai.

Kenya has had a new series of involving theft of hundreds of millions of shillings by state officials from several government bodies. Detectives believe senior officials at Central Bank of Kenya and local commercial banks quietly allowed the suspect to move large sums of money undetected. The same was flagged by the Ugandan Authorities.

Ksh. 657.78 million ($6.58m) that was moved with the help of five officials of a local commercial bank who did not alert the Central Bank of Kenya and the Financial Reporting Centre of the large transactions was frozen.

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Uganda police spokesman Fred Enanga said they will extradite the suspects to Kenya to face the law here.

The officials have been accused of breaching sections3b (iii), 11(i) and 10(2) of the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Section 3b(iii) outlaws moving of money or other assets that are proceeds of crime, and the offence comes with a maximum 16-year jail sentence.

Individuals who violates this law face fines of up to Ksh.2.5 million ($25,000) .

Section 10(2) flags any individual that gives false information to the CBK or FRC that could derail detection of money Laundering. The crime incurs a fine of Ksh 1 million ($10,000), a jail term of up to two years, or both.

The government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is championing the war on corruption, has said his government is undertaking a renewed push to tackle graft.

But few high profile convictions have occurred since Kenyatta first took office in 2013, leaving many Kenyans skeptical about the latest moves to prosecute dozens of civil servants over the disappearance of nearly $1 billion from the coffers of  government agencies. 


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