Unidentified man jumps off ferry while crossing Likoni Channel


The Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) has initiated an operation to retrieve the body of a man who jumped off MV Harambee ferry and plunged in the ocean on the night of Sunday, November 24.

The unfortunate incident occurred earlier today at around 1.30am in which an unidentified male passenger jumped off MV Harambee while crossing the Likoni Channel cruising from the mainland to the island side.

“The man was dressed in a white top and a black trouser,he left his seat dashed to the aft prow and dived and plunged into the water. We earnestly send our sympathies to the affected family. “ Ferry management reported. He appeared not to be in his right state of mind.

Immediate rescue efforts were deployed in vain partly due to the tidal effects and darkness. The matter has been reported to the Ferry police. Meanwhile, KFS recovery team are in collaboration with the maritime police and beach management units for the possible sighting and recovery of the body.

The incident comes hardly two months after a mother and her four-year-old daughter drowned after their vehicle slid from the same ferry and plunged into the ocean. Bodies of the two, Mariam Kighenda and Amanda Mutheu, were recovered after 12 days by a multi agency team that included divers from a South Africa based firm and Kenya Navy.

Citizens among other stakeholders have been calling upon KFS management to equip ferries with standby rescue personnel and also step up the conditions of the vessels in a move to forestall deaths by drowning. The government had on its part hinted that it plans to construct a bridge to link the main land with the island and save locals from the hassle of using ferries. Our hearts go out to the affected families.

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