‘We already declared Buzeki!’ Ziwa Residents Shame Governor Mandago With Poor Turnout


Residents of Ziwa Ward in Uasin Gishu county today surprised governor Jackson Mandago.

The residents, who made a declaration about a week ago vowing to support Mandago’s strongest opponent, Kiprop Bundotich aka Buzeki, have said they already made their decision, and will not be bribed or cowed into doing a second one for the incumbent.

Earlier this morning, the press reported that Mandago had hired his own goons to disrupt his rally then turn around and blame it on Buzeki, but this was met with some resistance as most of them turned back to fighting over a few t-shirts, others tearing them up in the process.

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Mandago’s online team is pressed to show an impressive turnout yet sources on the ground say there are mere hundreds compared to the tens of thousands that attended Buzeki’s rally when he made a grand entry into the area, with his running mate Dr. Samson Cheruiyot.

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We have made up our minds already, hakuna mtu mwingine tunapatia kura yetu, ni Buzeki tu,” said a group of youth who were watching from the periphery, as the rally unfolded.

Images shared in real time with the press show a paltry crowd of people, most of them looking unconcerned.

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This is a stark difference compared to the mammoth crowd that received Buzeki in the same area.

Buzeki introduced his running mate Dr. Cheruiyot to the elated crowd who had gathered to receive him and listen to his manifesto and great plans for the county.


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Dr. Cheruiyot hails from the Nandi community, while Mandago’s deputy Daniel Chemno is from the Keiyo community.

With only two days and a few hours left to the party primaries for the Uasin Gishu gubernatorial race, there is heightened anxiety and panic in  Mandago’s camp especially with the polls favoring a Buzeki win come this Friday, April 21st 2017.

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