We shall recover all the stolen money, says President Kenyatta


NAIROBI, 30 May 2018, (PSCU)—President Uhuru Kenyatta today said the Government will spare no efforts to recover all resources stolen from Kenyans through corruption schemes.

He said all resources and monies recovered will be re-directed to the original development purposes they were intended for

Reaffirming his message on corruption, the President said all culprits will be prosecuted and jailed.

“There will be no mercy for the thieves. Their days are numbered. They will be prosecuted and jailed”, said the President when he launched the issuance of title deeds for Nairobi residents at Jacaranda Grounds, Embakasi East , Nairobi.

The Head of State cautioned Kenyans to stop using tribal sentiments to defend individuals caught in the web of corruption. He said all corrupt Kenyans must be identified as individuals irrespective of the tribes they come from

“I do not want to hear anybody defending those caught in corrupt dealings. A thief is a thief irrespective of the tribe he/she comes from,” said the President.

President Kenyatta defended the historic handshake with Raila Odinga in March saying he had a right to talk with every Kenyan including the opposition leader.

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The President said his main concern is about the unity of all Kenyans adding that the country cannot progress without unity and peace.

“Raila is a Kenyan. I have a right to talk to everybody. My aim and that of my Deputy (William Ruto) is to unite all Kenyans,”he said.

The President said while he respects all Kenyans , he will not be bothered by those opposed and talking against the unity deal with Mr Odinga .

He asked Kenyans to stop pre-occupying themselves with unproductive politics and concentrate on peaceful co-existence and harmony.


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