White woman Gives birth to a black child and blames the coffee her husband drinks


The events occurred last Thursday at the University Hospital of Valencia (Spain), where a young woman, white and 24 years old, gave birth to a beautiful child who weighed 4.2 kg.

Even though her husband is also white, the baby was born black . After delivery, already in the room, the young man asked his wife for explanations. “I’m not racist, I don’t care about the color of his skin, but, have you cheated me?”. She replied: “I didn’t cheat you, I promess. You are always drinking coffee day and night, every hour, that’s the only reason”

“I feel bad now for having doubted my partner. It is true that I’ve been drinking too much coffee lately, and that has been able to influence in some way. Definitely, I trust my partner, I will not do a paternity test” said the young man a few hours later.

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