Who will succeed IG Boinet as the new police boss?


The Inspector General of the National Police Service Joseph Boinnet’s term in office is due to end triggering succession frenzy at the force. Those likely to land the plum position are currently being promoted in strategic and influential slots.

Concern has been raised in the manner in which the promotions are currently being done in what is seen as part of Boinnet succession game plan. Those favoured have been appointed directors and unity commanders to positions where they are able to dominate decision making organs and at the same time render National Police Services Commission ineffective.

It is whispered that the appointments have been made without discussion or rectification by the NPSC.
To sideline NPSC in the promotions, the commission is being portrayed as an obstacle to plans of modernizing the force.
The chairperson of the commission Johnston Kavuludi has kept a low profile to avoid confrontations. Within the force, those in strategic positions to influence Boinnet’s succession are 10 senior officers based at Jogoo House. Among the 10, six are from Rift Valley.

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Those likely to play a key role in the succession race are:
1. Director Operations Henry Barmao,
2. Director Personnel Larry Kiyeng
3. Director Logistics Joseph Kiget
4. Director MPR Mr Kitur
5. Director Communication and policing Philip Tuimur
6. Director So-ops Mr Singoi
7. Director Firearms Mr Birgen
8. Director Training Mr Cheseremo
9. Security Central Bank Mr Kiplagat
10. Director Reforms Jacinta Muthoni
11. Director Planning Peter Ndung’u
12. Director Inspection Mrs Muli

GSU Headquarters
1. Commander Douglas Kirocho
2. D/Comm Mr Mohammed
3. GSU Mr Kogo
4 Administration Mr Meibei
5. CO Mr Changwony

Railway HQs
1. Commander Mr Rono
2. D/comm Mr Gitonga

Tourist Police
1. Commander Mrs Barmao wife of Barmao,
Director of operations.
2. D/comm Mr Gitonga

Kenya Training College
1. Commander Kingori Mwangi

Traffic police
1. Commander Samuel Kimaru
2. D/Comm Wangui

1. Commander Mr Kimani
2. D/Comm Mr Warui
3. Dog Unit
4. Commander Mrs Mwinzi

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Commander AST
1. Kodi AIG
2. Tumui CIP

As part of succession gameplan, Boniface Maingi (AIG) was moved from Director Personnel at Vigilance House and replaced by a Mr Kieng. David Barmao is now adviser to the Director Operations.
Philip Ndolo, former Director Operation is now Barmao’s deputy. Barmao was previously Ndolo’s junior.

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