William Ruto accuses Opposition leaders of attempting to rewrite Bible by proposing caps on church offerings.


Deputy President William Ruto defended his giving in churches and affirmed it was biblical. Ruto said Opposition chief Raila Odinga has been critical of his donations since he is “too drunk with power” and the attention he receives.

The second in command claimed the ODM leader was planning to change the Bible in Parliament and enact a law which will limit people from giving. The DP has been facing backlash over his humongous giving in church fundraisers.

Deputy President William Ruto has defended his habitual church donations from his critics and affirmed giving is commanded by God himself. The second in command castigated his political rival and opposition chief Raila Odinga for being too caught up in the grandiose of power, politics and honour thereby dismissing the existence of God.

According to the Daily Nation, Ruto quoted a Bible verse in the book of Matthew and said it commands Christians to seek first the kingdom of God before everything else is given to them. “In this life of politics, people get drunk and confused due to the attention and respect they get by being addressed in very respectable titles until they forget there is a God in heaven.


“Watu wamekua wakishikana na yule mtu wa kitendawili na wanataka kwenda bungeni kusahihisha Bibilia (Some people have teamed up with the riddles man (Raila) and they now want to attempt to change the Bible in Parliament),” Ruto alleged with a chuckle.

He claimed some people have colluded with Raila to come up with a law that puts a limit on the amount of money a person can offer in church which he said was impossible biblically.

“Aren’t this people drunk? Just because someone addresses you as baba, does not mean anything,” he said to the amusement of the crowd.

The DP has been in constant criticism for his incessant giving in churches with rife speculation the money he gives is from graft.

A month ago, the opposition leader suggested those who cannot explain the source of their donations should be thrown behind bars.


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