Youthful aspirant hopes to transform Ganda Ward in Kilifi County.


A youthful aspirant has promised to transform the Ganda ward in Kilifi County which for years has been neglected due to poor leadership.

Meet the agriculturalist,Oscar Wanje who was born and raised in the area which lags behind in terms of development.

According to Wanje,time is ripe for a youthful candidate who understand the problems of the locals whose main source of income is agriculture.

Wanje,a hustler from the area has ventured into business of selling cashew nuts along the roads to make a living.

Wanje plans to vie for the seat on a UDA ticket since the party has become so popular among the local residents.

“The bottom up approach by UDA and its promise to accommodate all Kenyans irrespective of their status in the society has really made it popular in the grassroot,”noted Wanje.

He has actively been in involved in activities aimed at empowering his community especially in education and agriculture.

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”Parents are undergoing a lot especially in this time of Corona and I realized it important to give back to the communication,”he noted.

Through Oscar foundation,he issued geometrical sets and foodstuffs to KCPE candidates across Ganda ward,most of the parents are going through tough economic hardships at the moment as a result of Corona pandemic.

“In growing the economy of Gwanda ward,we have to empower the farmers,we are going to issue and supply high breed cashew nuts and coconut seedling,we want to change our economy through agriculture,” he added

The same effort will be replicated in marketing and bringing investors into the area.

Wanje believes he has the policies and strategies to put into use and have Ganda youths actively participate in the development of the area.

“Going forward we want empower our people so they can raise their economic status, we have all strategies basically needed in education,agriculture and other business activities like boda boda,”he added.

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According to Wanje,UDA is inclusive of all Kenyans irrespective of their ethnicity included and stands to empower the whole of Kenya.

“This is the party to embrace,Ganda people have a very good reception of UDA,we want to make it the most popular party in the coast come 2022.

Wanje “UDA is majorly based in all generations,the youth,elderly small boys and girls,so this is something that with proper education and a policy to the community,we are going to grow it well,we have to embrace the hustler nation this hustler nation is for mama mboga, bodaboda and everyone who feel neglected in the society.


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